Headshot of Mysti Berry

Mysti works in San Francisco at the best software shop in town, and lives in a forgotten corner of The City with her husband, graphic novelist Dale Berry, and the maximum number of black rescue cats their vet recommends for a small house (two).

An active member of MWA, Sisters in Crime, ITW, and the Public Safety Writers Association (PSWA), Mysti has served on the board of her local MWA and Sisters in Crime chapters (NorCal!) and on the board of the PSWA. She is once again polishing her financial fraud murder mystery to keep up with real life changes in how people steal millions of dollars without getting caught. She speaks at writers conferences, teaches workshops, and tweets far too often for her own mental health.

With an MFA in Writing from University of San Francisco and a BA in Linguistics from UC Santa Cruz, Mysti loves to talk with people about story structure, language, film noir, and the resistance, not always in that order. She was really fond of Dalwhinnie scotch until a Scotsman told her it is a “lady’s whiskey.”

If you see her at a writer’s conference or book festival, please do say hello.

About the Picture

That’s my two brothers standing close behind me out in the Las Vegas desert as I prepare to shoot a rifle that will bite my shoulder and shock me. We spent a week wandering around the desert with a young dog. My mom using Diet Pepsi to wash our hands to save the water for drinking. I’m sure there are houses and casinos covering the desert where this picture was taken. I loved the barrel cactus and the rattlesnakes and I still dream about the clear and pale blue sky that is now only seen in the valley after a rainstorm. Miss you, desert!